Recent Nationwide Building Society statistics (one of the most reliable house price stats in my opinion) reported a slight fall in UK house prices in both March and April. They also reported year to year growth running at 2.6%, the lowest level for four years.


What does this mean? Clearly house prices cannot rise and rise. It is our feeling at Aldreds that we may now see prices plateau as affordability issues kick in and supply and demand start to meet.


Many people think of house prices either booming or crashing, however, there are often large amounts of time when house prices can be very flat. Most recently the period from 2010 to the end of 2012 saw very level house prices post the 2008 crash and after the 2009 bounce back. A level market can be a good thing as stock of property for sale is generally higher meaning a buyer often has a choice of property and a seller can be more confident when pricing their property.