Property all sells the same…right? It is a common misconception that properties sell broadly at the same rate and same timescale. Generally speaking, there are more buyers for properties in lower to middle price brackets, however, there are also more properties for sale. Higher priced properties are available to less people but often a smaller number are for sale over a larger area! There has been some interesting statistic released this week regarding different trends regarding different properties in various parts of the country. It has revealed the fastest selling properties in the UK currently are semis in Scotland going under offer in 37 days whilst the slowest selling are detached homes in Wales. Terraces in the west Midlands and semis in the North East are the fastest selling in England. Bringing up the rear are flats in London (often suffer in more challenging markets). We are finding a real bounce has returned to the housing market in 2024. We are definitely seeing the strongest part of the market between £125,000 and £260,000, however, we have seen buyers return to prime property to with sales currently agreed at figures over £700,000. With more stable interest rates and predictions of a falling base rate it appears 2024 will be the year the housing market settles and recovers after the challenges of late 2022 and 2023.