Landlords – are you concerned about the Renters Reform Bill? No doubt you have seen in the press that the oh so controversial Renters Reform Bill is being pushed through the House of Lords next week. The headline is removal of Section 21 notices and supposedly ‘no fault’ evictions. This is probably the most concerning for landlords as many may simply believe that getting their properties back will be next to impossible. That is not the case, landlords will be able to get their properties back on one of four grounds; If they want to sell; if they (or a family member) wish to move back in; rent arrears or if there is antisocial or behaviour in the property. With so many changes to the Private Rented Sector over the last 15 years landlords have developed a thick skin and are used to change. Inevitably there will be some who feel this is the last straw and sell which will inevitably reduce the available stock of rented accommodation. For those hardy landlords who remain they are highly likely to reap the benefits of the supply and demand imbalance which will no doubt push rents even higher. If you are a landlord and have any concerns please speak to one of our lettings experts for sound practical advice. Talk to the experts, talk to Aldreds.