When choosing an estate agent to sell a home it is important to consider how you will want viewings conducted. If you choose to have the estate agent carry these out always clarify with agents you are talking to what their procedures are for doing accompanied visits. Do they have the level of staffing to accommodate the volume there may be and are they available weekends and early evenings? At Aldreds the majority of our offices are open until 4pm on Saturdays allowing crucial time for viewings and especially for those people who may be coming in to the area on Saturday only. We also can accommodate early evenings so people can come in the daylight after work. The advantage of the agent doing the viewings can be the ability to get instant feedback. Also buyers sometimes are more open with the agent and we can bring up and discuss aspects of the properties they have questions about at the viewing stage rather than on the phone in the future. If you are thinking of selling get in touch with us now so we can discuss.