During 2021, due to the continuing pandemic we have seen the uprising of the British holiday staycation, with a dramatic increase shown in sales of holiday chalets on the eastern coast. For a modest investment the holiday chalet can provide both an affordable holiday for the family and the potential for a healthy investment return, due to the increased popularity being shown by holidaymakers wishing to take a break in this country. Many of the local coastal villages offer superb facilities and easy access to miles of golden sand beaches for both families and those seeking a quieter retreat away from their normal day to day life. Locally we find California and Scratby very popular with families, with sites offering both entertainment and swimming pool facilities for residents. Along the coast at Hemsby and Winterton there are various parks which can also offer the same facilities, along with a mix of quieter sites for retirement couples or those seeking a slower pace to their vacation. Throughout this year sales of chalets have been relentless. As a company we have managed to achieve record sales and have built a large database of prospective purchasers chasing their dream holiday home. If you are thinking of selling a chalet, we offer superb coverage for Scratby, California, Hemsby and Winterton from our Great Yarmouth office, where we can be contacted on 01493 844891 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.