This is a question that estate agents are asked on a number of occasions every day. Both at work and outside! I can only talk from an Aldreds point of view and from what we see around our operations in East Norfolk and North East Suffolk. As a firm we have seen seven months where new sales have been higher than the equivalent month the year before. Over the last 10 month we are around 20% up as a firm on sales agreed. A fantastic performance if I may say so myself! Why is this? Especially with so many people talking about Brexit and such like. What makes this area and Aldreds but the national trend. From an Aldreds point of view the credit for this has to go down to our magical staff. When the market toughens is when the best estate agents and staff rise to the top. With our experience and training our staff and offices are second to none. Also we continue to attract fantastic customers to our company who appreciate what we can offer both clients and buyers. From a general market point of view, in my opinion, there are a number of reasons why we are bucking the national trend. Firstly, this area is attracting a lot of inward investment from buy to let investors who see NR30, NR31, NR32 & NR33 as great places to buy to let given the impressive yields. We also sell a huge amount of holiday type accommodation and with more people holidaying in the UK it is clear to see why this would be an area of growth. We also have a growing offshore energy sector which is creating local employment. Also with easy links to the ‘Fine City’ of Norwich and access to the Broads and wonderful beaches it is clear to see why people would want to settle here. If you are thinking of selling, buying or renting so not hesitate to get in touch with your local Aldreds office.