As the evenings pull in and the temperatures drop we are often asked about how the changing seasons and especially how the C word (Christmas!) effects activity in the housing.


As we move through October and into early November viewings, offers and general interest remain high. In fact September and October are generally some of the bestselling months of the year as people return from their holidays and look to get a move arranged before the C word. The first thing we notice in the offices is that valuation requests and indeed houses coming to the market start to fall away slightly as we move towards the end of October as some people who aren’t yet for sale sit on their hands until the new year. In my opinion this is an unwise move as there are still many motivated and proceedable buyers looking!


Now I am not going to deny that come the third week of November general interest and enquiries in to the offices will have started to drop off. However, there will still be buyers looking in November and a good number of sales are agreed in December too.


And although we might not want to think about it January is only 11 weeks away!


My point is that if you want to move now is the time to start the process. Waiting for a specific time of year can be a dangerous strategy as these times of year came and go very quickly! THE RIGHT TIME TO PUT YOUR HOUSE FOR SALE OR TO LOOK TO BUY IS WHEN YOU WANT TO DO IT!!!